Signal Processing Microelectronics

SPM is a research centre in Electrical Engineering at the University of Newcastle, Australia. The centre conducts work in the following areas:

  • High speed FPGA and ASIC implementations;

  • Theory-based design and analysis;

  • Software tool development;

  • Digital and analog hardware design.


These projects consider the latest algorithms, as well as the development of test hardware, for future generation communication technologies.

Control Systems

These projects address aspects of control theory, as well as practical applications of the latest control algorithms. We consider not only the algorithms, but also the real-world practicalities of deploying them.

Algorithms to ASICs

Our microelectronics projects involve investigating the feasibility of deploying cutting edge signal processing algorithms into FPGA and ASIC devices. As part of this, we're developing software tools to assist with the algorithm-to-chip process.

Signal Processing

Our work in signal processing includes topics in system identification, non-linear filtering and smoothing. This involves theoretical analysis, in combination with supporting software packages which are available for download.


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