This course introduces students to the fundamental principles of designing embedded microprocessor systems. This involves learning all of assembly language programming on the Intel 80x86 architecture, 'C' language programming for embedded applications, handling interrupt driven I/O, the fundamentals of real time operating systems, and interfacing to I/O devices such as A/D and D/A converters.

A key aspect of the course will be a range of computer laboratories based on both the Intel 80x86 microprocessor range, and the Mitsubishi M16C microprocessor. The course builds on material presented in ELEC2700 (Computer Engineering 2).

The subject forms part of the programs in:

As in any subject, students should make themselves familiar with the requirements set down in Assessment and Key Dates.

All students should also be familiar with the policies and procedures set down by the Faculty of Engineering in the Undergraduate Policy and Procedures rules.

The coordinator for the subject is Dr Brett Ninness. Any problems, requests, suggestions or feedback you may have are welcomed.

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