MIMO Communications Testbed


Some key features on the testbed are:

  • Testbed hardware provides a simple method for testing algorithms over the air.
  • All baseband processing is on "Baseband Board".
  • Interchangeable "Radio Modules" allow different RF bands to be used.
  • Up to 4x4 MIMO supported using 2 boards.
  • Supports online or offline processing:
    • Write VHDL code for online processing in FPGA
    • Use PC via USB/ethernet to perform processing offline with MATLAB, C, etc.
  • Testbeds operating from a single PC have been incorporated into a MATLAB model of 3G LTE system
  • Cross platform compatible: Windows, Mac, Linux.
  • Usable with a single PC, or multiple PCs

Potential applications:

  • Research tool
  • Platform for implementation of algorithms
  • Undergraduate teaching tool


Maintained by Prof. Brett Ninness
University of Newcastle
19 Jun 2008, © Copyright