Model Predictive Control


This project is contributed to by the following subprojects :

c4Hardware - limited precision modelling in C++

c4Hardware is a highly flexible library of C++ classes (available for free download) for the emulation of hardware implementations of algorithms. It provides a high level interface to matrix, vector, and scalar operations to allow rapid application development without requiring knowledge of the underlying operations. Futhermore, it allows custom data types to be plugged-in with little change to the high level application. This allows bit-accurate modelling and analysis of algorithms under various limited precision numerical representations.
Team Members: Dr. Geoff Knagge


c4HDL - C++ for bit-accurate modelling of HDL

c4HDL is a library of C++ classes (available for free download) that provides bit-accurate modelling of integer, floating point, and fixed point data types, for matching with HDL code. Key points include :
  • Allows modelling from very small to very large numerical precision
  • Models can be directly used for generating testbench data to verify the operation of HDL models of the algorithm.
  • Contains and generates matching C++ and VHDL models of some arithmetic hardware components
While designed as a plug-in for c4Hardware, this library may also be used as a standalone item.
Team Members: Dr. Geoff Knagge

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