Dr. Adrian Wills


My research interests are in the areas of modelling and control of dynamic systems.

In terms of modelling, I work in the area of system identification whereby mathematical models of dynamic systems are constructed directly from observed input and/or output measurements. In relation to this work, I am actively involved in the development of a Matlab toolbox.

In relation to control, I work in the area of Model Predictive Control (MPC). This control technique uses a dynamic model - of the system being controlled - to make future predictions of the output in order to decide on the best control action to take now according to a cost function. A major drawcard of MPC is that system constraints (such as actuator limits and tank height limits) can be accounted for quite naturally in the decision process. The decision process is usually cast in the form of an optimisation problem and in relation to this I am involved in the development of several Quadratic Programming routines.

Please refer to my publications for more detail.

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