This project investigates the use of the sphere detection methods as a form of lattice detection, to provide near maximum likelihood results to combinatorial optimisation problems. This important problem has many applications, such as multi-user detection and MIMO detection, in wireless communications.

The main focus of this project concerns practicality of lattice detection algorithms in hardware. A particular problem is that the search space increases exponentially, at O(wd), where w is the number of branches expanding from each node and d is the depth of the tree. In previous work, we have proposed a feasible ASIC design for a 8x8 MIMO detector using QPSK (w=4, d=8), and aim to improve this result for use in higher order systems.


This project makes use of the c4Hardware and c4HDL bit accurate simulation libra ries, for modelling the performance of reduced precision sphere detection algori thms.


Selected journal and conference papers together with internal technical reports.